How to Travel with Sensitive Electronics

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One of the primary concerns in traveling for the holidays is in protecting electronic devices from getting damaged in transit. While the safest option may be to leave everything at home, that’s not always a possibility. When you are required to bring along your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, follow these basic rules to ensure your hardware will arrive undamaged.

Pack Neatly and Securely

This rule is especially important if you’re flying. A messy suitcase may raise the suspicions of the airport screeners. However, you arrange everything neatly and place content securely in the baggage, TSA officers will have an easier time identifying individual items. Traveling this way will reduce the risk of having an unusually diligent officer tear through your belongings and possibly damaging equipment.

Likewise, a long road trip can result in damage to fragile devices if everything is not packaged with care. While a laptop can help protect some devices, packing items sensibly can also undermine the dangers of damage during travel. Allcases recommends ditching the soft silicone sleeves for hard-shell plastic or aluminum cases that “withstands even the harshest conditions.”

Tips For Traveling with Electronics

Roll cords into ovals and tie the two ends together in the middle to keep cables neat and tangle free. Alternatively, rubber bands, electrical tape, or wire twists can also be used to tie the wires.

Smaller wires and cables, along with adapters and connectors, can also be packed away in sealable plastic baggies. Don’t forget to label the baggies, so you’ll know which cables belong to which devices.

If traveling by air, layer your items inside your luggage. By placing your laptop or tablet on top of your clothes and personal items, screeners may not need to disrupt everything. Ensure the bag is tightly packed to limit shifting and movement during the flight. You can pack this way with bubble wrap or foam inserts. In a pinch, you may want to roll up shirts or pants to use as buffers instead. If you’re bringing a laptop or tablet in your carry-on, it needs to be accessible, so you can quickly remove it to go through security. Alternatively, you can apply for TSA pre-check so you can skip that step.

Keep sensitive film separate by packing it in a side pocket of the suitcase. Doing so will keep it stable and safe and also allow you to remove it quickly for hand inspection. Easy access is essential because you’ll want to offer it to the TSA officer for inspection instead of letting it go through the X-ray machines.

These are just a few tips for packing your electronics safely for travel. By taking just a few precautions, you can ensure that a few bumps and sharp turns won’t destroy costly and sensitive electronic devices. Safety is as crucial for your possessions as it is for your person.

Once you’ve secured the necessary equipment, contact us to book your dream vacation. You’ve waited long enough. It’s time!


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