How to Plan a Flawless Bachelor/Bachelorette Weekend

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As the Maid of Honor or Best Man, a lot rests on your shoulders…from saving the date, choosing invitations, and making fun decisions with me, your Las Vegas Certified travel advisor. Some of the best highlights leading up to their big day, without a doubt, are the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Who doesn’t love a weekend filled with champagne, beer, best friends, and those scandalous moments that hopefully stay in Vegas?

In the 2,500 years since bachelor parties were invented by Spartan soldiers, it’s been common to throw it the night before the wedding. In fact, there are many dos and don’ts to planning the event.

So heed these pointers carefully and share with your guests. Throw a weekend so epic that even the Kardashians will be jealous of your Instagram feed!

Do you choose a city everyone knows well, one filled with familiar night spots and activities that will add a touch of nostalgia to the weekend? Or, do you choose a destination no one has ever been to, infusing the getaway with an element of the unknown? Ask a few probing questions to the bride-to-be to get a sense of where she’s leaning. And always consider how far invitees will have to travel to the destination you choose.

Choosing a theme gives the weekend a fun, cohesive feel. It can be generic like “sports” while attending several sporting events, or “pampering” and spending time in a spa, or it can be super specific to match the bride or groom’s areas of interests and passions. How about a “Superheroes” weekend where the fellas dress in the color scheme of different characters, or a “Sex in the City”-inspired romp filed with shoe shopping and cosmo drinking?

This is not the time to wing it. Any successful party, especially one that stretches over several days, needs a schedule of events complete with venue locations. This gives the participants a clear idea of what to expect, what to budget, and more importantly, what to pack. Having a schedule also gives the weekend a sense of momentum as the party continues from one amazing event to the next. However, always leave a little wiggle room in any schedule to encourage organic fun and spontaneous sleeping in.

Every wedding includes people you had to invite to not ruffle any family feathers. Those people should not be included in the bachelor/bachelorette party. Only invite those special people who the couple feels comfortable letting loose with-high-energy peeps who will keep spirits high and the fun ongoing.

The most important part of an awesome bachelor/bachelorette party is having the time of your lives. There are no wrongs during the celebration-wear what you want, dance how you want, sing at the top of your lungs and simply own the weekend. The key is to wake up the following day filled with amazing memories and no regrets.

Be careful in how much your group shares via social media. What happens at your bachelor/bachelorette party may need to stay at the party! Give your party a hashtag, so everyone can search and see the pictures!

Whether you want to be ladies of leisure or achieve those squad goals, I have access the best places to do it. From posh and pampering to party-hearty to empowering and liberating, Ocean View Travel has great picks for every man and woman.

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