12 Tips to Make Your Flight Safe and Trouble Free

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Traveling by plane has many obstacles. Planning in advance can you help minimize the problems you could encounter and ensure you have a safe and hassle free trip.

  1. Always book tickets with a reliable airline or travel agent. Make sure that the ticket you have is a confirmed booking. Also, check if they are offering any special fares or discounts.
  2. Be informed of the allowable size and weight of baggage. Tag all bags with your name, address, phone number, date of travel, and flight number. Make sure that your bags are locked safely.
  3. Pack all the immediate essentials such as documents, passports, medicines and money in the carry-on case as a precaution. In case your luggage gets lost or misplaced in transit you, will still have your essentials.
  4. Follow all the airport security rules. Do not bring any banned items such as knives, batteries and guns. Other dangerous items like razors and scissors must be put in your checked luggage.
  5. Electronic items like cellphones and laptops must be fully charged and turned on for checking if asked. While flying, use of cellphones is prohibited. Do not plan on making or receiving any calls during flight.
  6. Bring a valid government-issued photo ID to the airport and make sure you have your boarding passes.
  7. Know the parking arrangements prior to leaving for the airport. This will save you valuable time circling around to find suitable parking. If the airport lots are full or inconvenient, try any of the private parking lots or valet park.
  8. Take note of your flight schedule before leaving the house. Leave with plenty of time to spare. This way you won’t have to rush from one end of the airport to the other.
  9. It is against regulations for passengers to carry inflammables, aerosols, or household cleaners. Other prohibited items are: firearms even if you have a license, hunting rifles, baseball bats, golf clubs, pool cues, ski equipment, hockey sticks, darts, as well as bows and arrows.
  10. Because of terrorist threats, it is against the law to speak of hijackings, bomb threats, or other dangerous things.
  11. Be cautious about who you befriend. Never accept any letter or parcel to be delivered to persons known or unknown. Never leave your luggage unattended, and if you do notice any abandoned parcel or luggage, notify the authorities.
  12. Be aware of what the weather conditions are like where you going and dress accordingly. Prepare well for your flight and enjoy it.

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