10 Things You Should Know About Ireland

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Ireland is an island located near Great Britain which has been a constant conflict with its neighbor. But things have changed dramatically in the past years. Religious violence seems to have tapered off and economic growth is some of the strongest in Europe.

Here are ten things to know about the amazing country of Ireland.

  1. Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are two countries that split the island.
  2. Ireland is known for its wide expanses of lush, green fields. Hence its name: Emerald Isle.
  3. There are 4.75 million people in Ireland… and 3 million sheep!
  4. Northern Ireland consists of approximately 55% Protestants and 44% percent Catholics, which has led to decades of conflict in all aspects of life.
  5. Dating back to 1198, The Brazen Head is officially Ireland’s oldest pub.
  6. There are several hundred castles in the country. Many you can tour, and some are even rumored to be haunted.
  7. There are “rag trees” in Ireland. These are trees covered with rags tied to their branches that represent wishes for a variety of things.
  8. You can go bowling on the public roads every Sunday in some parts of the country. The idea is to roll a heavy ball from the starting point to a finishing point as much as a couple of miles away. The team that does it in the fewest number of throws wins.
  9. Presidents Kennedy’s and Reagan’s ancestors were Irish.
  10. Saint Patrick, The Patron Saint of Ireland, was Scottish.

Ireland has an interesting history as well as a unique culture of its own. As you can tell from list the above, this is a place you should visit if you get a chance. Gina can help you plan your dream Ireland trip. Her services are free, she has worldwide connections to save you money, and she offers one-stop shopping for all your travel needs.

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