Best Time to Visit Disney World

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Large crowds are usually the major concern when deciding the best time to visit Disney World. Crowds are common when visiting any major theme park. Disney World being the most popular theme park in the world, there is hardly a day without large crowds. But there are certain times of the year, like January and September for example, that are less busy. Though you may enjoy shorter lines and smaller crowds during these times, there are also downsides. One of which is that more festivities at Disney World are planned during the busy times at the park. And for many, it is worth fighting the crowds to be at Disney World during these times of major festivities.

You must also take into consideration the weather when deciding the best time to visit Disney World. Many people assume that any time of the year is perfect weather in Florida, but that is not the case. Severe thunderstorms in the Orlando area or the extreme summer heat can ruin your day at Disney World. It is usually best to visit Disney World in the evening when it’s not as hot. Make sure to rest up during the day, so you’re ready to go out at night.

Here are other things to consider when planning a trip to Disney World:

  • During school days, you can expect smaller crowds and shorter lines at Disney World making it a great time to go. If you are ok with taking your kids out of school for a trip, do it.
  • Take advantage of the early start, when the crowd is just starting to grow, and of the late night, when the crowd is starting to decrease, to experience shorter lines. Keep a close eye on park opening and closing times.
  • It is a great time to go to Disney World two weeks after Thanksgiving. The crowds are minimal and the Christmas decorations are already up.

So, when is the best time to go to Disney World? Every day of the year is the best time to go! It is not called the happiest place on Earth for nothing. To book your dream Walt Disney trip, call Gina at 757-541-2828 or email her at

Gina’s knowledge and expertise was displayed at all times. – Lindy, H., Hampton, VA


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