How to Find a Reliable Travel Agent

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Most of us look for the best deals when booking for a holiday. Internet is the best place to find cheap holidays that travel is now one of the biggest online sector. With so many sites offering extraordinarily great deals, it can be difficult to know which are the reliable ones. Here are some guidelines to help you tell the difference.

1. Independence

It is a must that a travel agent is independent from any particular company or promoter for them to offer the best deals there is. They have connections with a wide range of suppliers, or directly with airlines and accommodation owners to ensure that they get the best price for you. You can be sure that they’re not pushing you towards a particular operator and that you’re really getting good value for money.

2. Professional membership

A travel agent that is a member of a professional body is a good agent. A professional body has strict code of conduct that members should abide and agencies are regularly assessed to ensure that they are meeting the organization’s high standards. Membership to a professional body also means that you have an independent body to channel complaints to, should you have any problems with the agent.

3. Secure payments

It is vital to make sure that the site’s payment system is secure when booking online. It is an essential part of any online shopping system that protects you from fraud. If there is no information on the site about their payment system, then don’t book online.

4. Contact

A great travel agent is an agent that you can easily contact and provides excellent customer service. Booking a holiday is a financial commitment even at discount prices that you need to be sure you can contact the agent should you need any help.

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